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My Story...

Contrary to the common assumption, I have not always been this healthy and fit - Yes, I am a Pizza-Pasta person at heart - My childhood friends will vouch for that! 

Before my career in fitness I was not the type of woman you would have described as fit and sporty. Quite the opposite! Back in school, I was never one of the first to be picked for team sports and did not look forward to the weekly PE lessons. 

Today, I happily train 5x a week and could not imagine my life without exercising. I enjoy different types of sport and have a healthy balanced diet - with the odd pizza here and there!

I discovered my passion for fitness 6 years ago, when I started training with my PT, who is still my coach to this day. I remember my first encounter with personal training very clearly, as I had just come back from visiting my family in Berlin and felt a bit lonely and homesick. It was my sister in fact, who encouraged me to go to the gym. Her exact words were: "Just go on the crosstrainer for an hour. Nobody will know you are there and you will feel much better afterwards." 

I did as she suggested and on my way to the cardio area, my PT approached me and offered me a complimentary PT session. I would be lying if I said that I saw the value in PT from my first complimentary session,  and reached the best shape of my life in less than a month. Far from! My exact words after the session were: " I don't know, if I want to pay someone money to boss me around for an hour!"


Two months later, I decided to try it for a while, just to get a few tips on what to do at the gym and how to change my diet. Little did I know that this was going to change my life completely! A whole new world had been made accessable to me.


I quickly saw results and through the help of my PT aquired an understanding of how to find a healthy balance with my training and nutrition. I loved the feeling of accomplishment after each tough session and started to set myself even higher goals, inside and outside the gym! The unwavering faith my personal trainer had in me, motivated me to keep pushing and not give up until I reached my goal. Eventually his faith, became my faith and I knew I was unstoppable and any problem in  life was just another obstacle to overcome. To this day, I am grateful that Personal Training found me 6 years ago, as I certainly would not be the person I am now without it!

Exercise is my form of therapy and simply makes me feel good in ways that nothing else can. I am fascinated with the growth and changes our bodies are capable of, if we are willing to commit and invest in them. I am convinced, physical health plays a fundamental role in the way we lead our lives and as such, there is nothing worth investing in more than our health.


Who am I ?

What Changed? 

Why am I so Passionate about Training?

A healthy strong body, leads to a healthy strong mind, and will make you unstoppable in life! 


Level 3 PT Fitness Industry Education

Level 2 Fitness Instructor CYQ

Ante&Post Natal YMCA

Group Studio Cycling

Areas of Expertise 

Muscle Toning

Body Fat Reduction

Weight Loss

Dietary Analysis

Endurance Training 

High Intensity Training

Core Strength

TRX Training

Power Plate Training

Boxing For Fitness

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